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Wine Shop  model has been created to depict a Wine shop during medieval period.
This model allows you to rearrange the entire shop. Also, depending on the requirement, you could use the models separately as well.

Wine Shop contains the following models;
1. Wine Shop
2. Wine Barrel (3Nos)
3. Barrel Stand (2Nos)
4. Mugs (3Nos)
5. Glass Bottle (2Nos)
6. Wooden Bottle
7. Leather Bottle
8. Bottle Crate (2Nos)
9. Bottle Opener
10. Barrel Tap

Technical Details:

The bottle crate is available with two different textures.

The doors of the shop could be left open or closed.

The wine bottles could be left empty or could be shown as filled bottle as well.

Diffuse / Normal / Specular

2048 x 2048

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