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Vegetable Shop  model has been created to depict a vegetable shop during medieval period.

This will be perfect choice for games involving, farming, harvesting, super market and also for other type of games where vegetables are involved.

Along with vegetables, this set also provides baskets, table and tent, which could also be used separately as props in other projects.

Vegetable shop contains the following models;

1. Onion (2Nos)
2. Potato
3. Cabbage (2Nos)
4. Tomato (2Nos)
5. Bottle Gourd
6. Pumpkin
7. Banana Flower
8. Beetroot (2Nos)
9. Bitter Gourd (2Nos)
10. Brinjal (2Nos)
11. Capsicum
12. Carrot (2Nos)
13. Corn (2Nos)
14. Garlic (2Nos)
15. Ginger (2Nos)
16. Snake Gourd (2Nos)
17. Tent
18. Table
19. Rectangle shaped Basket
20. Round shaped basket

Technical Details:

Due to the availability of separate FBX and texture files, these models could be easily retrieved individually and integrated in to the project.

Diffuse / Normal / Specular

2048 x 2048

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